Published: 28-02-2024

Car Door Sound Quality Assessment - A Review for NVH Performance Research

Mr. Pandurang Maruti Jadhav, Dr. Kishor B. Waghulde, Dr. Rupesh V. Bhortake (Author)


Intelligent Traffic Management System to Improve Mobility at Ayigya, a Commuter City in Ghana

John Nyamekye Ansah, Loretta Owusu-Ansah, Selikem Asare-Brown (Author)


Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Automated Detection of Mri Brain Tumors

Umar S. Alqasemi, Sultan A. Almutawa, Shadi M. Obaid (Author)


Design and Development of Fuel Cell Learning through Digital Game-Based Learning to Raise Awareness of Low Carbon Emissions

Nur Fadhilah Abdul Jalil, Umi Azmah Hasran, Siti Fadzilah Mat Noor, Muhammad Helmi Norman (Author)


Artificial Intelligence Applications in Natural Gas Industry: A Literature Review

Siddhartha Nuthakki, Chinmay Shripad Kulkarni, Suraj Kumar, Satish Kathiriya,  Yudhisthir Nuthakki (Author)